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We supply genuine and Quality petroleum equipments, Including depot Equipments and retails station valves, measurement sensors and instruments, flow meters, and other various equipments that maintaining your fuel quality and flowing. 


GKPM Company Limited is located in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, The company emphases on providing a extensive range of technical, professional and engineering sale and services in Petroleum and Gas Equipment. GKPM focus their strengths on in the Oil & Gas industry provide unintegrated Energy groundwork that operates through the business areas of Project Management, Consulting, Maintenance, and Servicing. At GKPM we are committed to the growth of each professional element through efficiency and proficient customer service. GKPM Company ltd was founded in 2010 and GKPM is local company incorporated under the companies Act, 2002.


Petroleum and Gas Equipment's.

Our Project division team has practice in Electromechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Projects for quite sometimes. We have the capability to complete projects of different sizes and locations across Tanzania. Examples of the Project we have experience with are as follows. Fuel Station Canopy , Installation of Underground Tanks, Installation of Fuel Pipelines, Installation of Dispensing Pump and etc..

Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation.

Control System associated with PLC, DCS, systems, Electrical Installation requirements associated with all instrumentations, High level Detection System. Fleet Management System, Automatic Tank Gauging System, Installation of instrument mounts, conduit racks, cable tray system, support raceways, tubing and end devices, Field configuration of various manufacturers’ devices, Pre-commission checks and facility start up services for different types of control system applications

Calibration and Proving.

Able to prove rotary, diaphragms and positivize Displacement meters and Dispensing Pump • Under Ground and Above Ground Tank Calibration, • Trained and certified operators ( our Operate are certified by Weight and Measure Agency in Tanzania)

Equipment Supply, Installation and Servicing

• Retail Station equipment and accessories, like Disp. Pump, tank, HDPE piping, lubricants system, compressor, canopy lights,… • Depot Equipment like Transfer pump, Flow meter, Loading Arm, • Atex Equipment, fittings, lubricant processing plant, LPG …Calibration of a wide range of equipment's: • Flow meters & Dispensing pumps of any brand, any flow, any type • Tanks U/G, or above ground, hemispheric or vertical • (bulk storage tank) through different process (water, strapping method, or laser technology)


We transport cargo from Dar es Salaam port to Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya




Office Address:

  • Togole Street, Plot N0. 19, Box 42546 Temeke; Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania;




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